Born in Ghana to a Muslim mother and a Christian father, Sami has been exposed to various religious and cultural values from half of his life spent in Africa and the rest during his current residence in the United States. Values that partially inspire the writings found in South.

He draws most of the inspiration for the premise of his first book from personal experiences, as he had also been briefly separated from his family on a few occasions. Once, as a child he was stuck in Amsterdam for a day by himself, while traveling alone on his way to his father in Ohio. Another time, he was separated from his mother for a good part of a day in Saudi Arabia as they traveling together during their Hajj pilgrimage.

Though he was only about 10 years old during his Amsterdam incident and 15 years old in Saudi Arabia, he wasn’t worried in either situation because he just believed everything would turn out fine in the end. His parents,…..they panicked……a lot. Even now as an adult, he still finds himself separated from his family on occasion, but always finds his way back home in time.

Sami actually wrote this mini-bio. Sami just likes to refer to himself in the third-person.


Currently, Sami is employed by Art.com’s Fitting Department, as a lead of a team of trained frame craftsmen. He would one day love to be a full-time writey-drawy type person, so support him and buy his stuff or tell a friend to give him some money.



The CHRONICLE series I’m creating is my attempt to merge science, religion, and fantasy. Hopefully I’ll be able to equally disappoint everyone by the time it’s all done.

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